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Quality and Testimonials

We regularly monitor the quality of our care provision, this is done in several ways:

New Service User Quality Questionnaires
When you have been receiving a service from us for a few weeks we will send a quality questionnaire to you to complete.  You don’t have to complete this but we value any feedback that you wish to give us.

Annual Quality Questionnaire
Once a year we send out a quality questionnaire to all of our Service Users.  The overall results of our 2015 survey is as follows:


Some of the comments we have received on our quality feedback forms are:

“I am completely satisfied with the care Spring Care provides.  There are two carers who are extremely competent and go above their call of duty … I am a very satisfied client and would have no hesitation in recommending you.”

“From the initial visit to your office to the email communication following Mother’s admission to hospital, we have both been overwhelmed by the kindness and professionalism of everyone at Spring Care …. Mother has been so much happier, secure and confident; thank you all so much.”

“The only problem we had with one carer was rectified straight away.”

“I am very happy with the standard being administered.  My mother seems quite relaxed to have Jo in the house and Jo has made quite a difference to her wellbeing.”

“I was apprehensive before first visit, I need not have worried.  I feel as if you have been coming for years.  Excellent.”

“We are very happy with all the carers, they all have their own strengths – we like best the ones who anticipate what needs to be done and do it – some are better at this than others, but all are helpful when asked.  Izzy is a treasure, so hard working.”

“All carers give excellent care, especially Teresa.  Been advertising your excellent service whilst been in hospital for the past week!”

“It will take a while to accept any change in my total independence, but Jo is making a great improvement to life!”

“We are very happy with the staff within Spring Care who we’ve had contact with and don’t feel like we are just a number!  Would definitely recommend.”

“Carer seems to have my safety/care at heart and is kind and caring.  Also offers debate on ways of doing things – directions to take.  I always feel that she has my best interest at heart.”

“Very happy with my helpers and your company’s service.”

“Spring Care know I have anxiety problems and am in terrible pain …. They have lessened the anxiety by competence and determination to get my meds and I am able to enjoy nice little conversations with them ….apart from my husband they are usually the only human contact I have … I cherish it and thank the staff warmly.”

“If it weren’t for them I would be helpless.”

“At the onset of our contract it was requested that for continuity of care we had the same carer and this has been adhered to, which we are very grateful for.  Continuity of care I feel is paramount.”

“My carer is kind and caring.  Knows how I tick and that is important  Will change the itinerary if necessary should the circumstances change and puts me and my problems first.”

Spot Checks
We regularly spot check our staff to ensure that they are delivering a care service to you of the level of quality that we expect from them.  We are checking that they are on time, that they stay for the full length of your visit, that they are dressed appropriately and are wearing PPE (gloves, aprons etc), that they are completing all of the tasks that are required and most importantly that they are doing this in a respectful and kind way and ensuring that your dignity is always upheld.


“To all the carers at Spring Care who looked after my husband, I would just like to tell you all how much I appreciated all the care and attention you all gave to John and also all the support you gave me through this very difficult time …. I would also like to say how grateful I was to Carole, who turned up and stayed with me on the night that John passed away.  Even though my friend turned up as well, it was beyond the call of duty for her to stay until nearly midnight to help to make sure I was alright.  Thank you all once again, Yours truly”

“Tony’s communication skills are second to none.  From the first week that Tony was with us my husband’s demeanour completely changed and each day it was a delight for me to find him alert and with a smile on his face.”

“I am writing to express my gratitude to your staff for the quality of care given to my wife Betty during the last days of her life …. At all times Betty’s dignity and comfort were foremost in their handling of her.”

“We are writing to thank you all for the dedicated care you gave to Fred during the last few months of his life.  Your care and devotion allowed him to stay in his own home ‘til only the last few days.  We both know how much he loved you all, speaking affectionately about each one of you.”

“I was very pleased with the help received and will sincerely recommend your company to my friends.”

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